A photocopier is also referred to as the copy machine. It is a machine or the device that is critical in the office. Its main work is to create copies of papers or documents. The copies that are made looks the same as the original copy. The machine is affordable at a low price, and therefore the organizations are recommended to have the machine on their premises. A photocopier can make the exact image or writings and make the same copy on a piece of paper. The machine uses a technology that is referred to as xerography. This is a process that is considered dry since it uses electrostatic charges on a light sensitive material photo-receptor. It primarily attracts and then transmits the toner particles that are in the powder outline on a piece of paper so that it can form the exact image that is required. Some elements like heat and pressure are usually utilized in this process, and they are used to fuse the toner onto the piece of paper. There are copiers that will use some techniques like the technology of the ink jet although the most used are the Xerography method.


The process of Xenography was first introduced in the year 1959 by Xerox. It replaced the copiers that were used and made by the Verifax, Photostat, carbon copy and other machines that are used for the purpose of duplicating.


Photocopying can be used in businesses where it is used for different purposes. Every business is required or recommended to have a photocopier so that it can ease the operations in the business. The business makes a lot of documents that concerns the organization. Another place where a photocopier is required is a learning institution. A learning institution is a place where studying takes place. It could be a college, a secondary school or a university. Such organization requires a photocopier since there is a lot of paper work that goes on. It could hire or buy one. Buying the photocopier is the easiest and the cheapest way. Some of the paper work in these institutions includes making exam papers and making copies of other documents that are required. To understand more about copier, visit



 There are other trends that are arising in making digital photocopiers. These photocopiers from a good copier lease company are replacing the analog ones that are slow and produce low quality work in about the modern ones. The new photocopiers have a scanner and an office printer. They make the images automatically and an image that is enhanced.